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Twitter Log: 2007-03-29

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  • Just got a Starling Fitness DVD order! Yeah! #
  • Mike says Twitter isn’t cool anymore. There’s a new application called Blather that everyone is getting into. #
  • I’m joking… #
  • The saddest part is that I didn’t even make up the joke. I stole it from Mike… I need to work on some new material… #
  • @ ThomAllen Mike uses Transmit. He says it seems stable so far. #
  • Just watched Mike blaze through Guitar Hero on Medium. It was killing me earlier today. #
  • Going to bed now. Night, night, Twitter friends! #
  • Up and at ’em! Just heard from another winner of the Race Across USA. If I had known that only 3 winners would claim their prizes… #
  • Panhandler just came to my door for money. She gave me a good story, though. Convoluted, I’m a neighbor with a problem story. #
  • @ Phil801 Thanks for the TwitterTools recommend. It works great and I don’t have to do anything. #
  • The Starling Fitness DVDs have hit some sort of tipping point. I’m getting orders almost every day. #
  • All you 2nd Lifers out there: This is a funny Kit Kat commercial: http://tinyurl.com/yoeggh #
  • Cutting out DVD sleeves for the Moab walking DVD. #
  • Writing blog entries and burning DVDs. #
  • @ AshBuckles You asked which weblogs I read: http://tinyurl.com/26fzo3 #
  • Gonna go work out now. #
  • Walking to the post office for exercise and to send a DVD. #
  • It’s a little too cold for a walk outside. Gonna go home and finish my mileage on the treadmill. #
  • On the treadmill now. Testing a new sensor holder for my Nike+. #
  • Finished exercising. A quick shower and then back to work. #
  • @ Cinegage We have to stop feeding the trolls. They’re watching Twitter. #
  • @ ThomAllen eBay. You can get pretty good buys on music equipment there. Just make sure you buy from someone reputable. #
  • Looking for a SDHC card reader that will fit into a PCMIA slot on my laptop. Seems like I’ll have to go to Japan to get one… #
  • @ Halcyon Sorry to hear about your grandpa. He was awesome and will be missed by so many. Thank you for letting us meet him. #
  • My sister is sick and had to cancel our dinner plans. We have no idea what to eat now… #

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