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Twitter Log: 2007-03-30

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  • I wish tandoori chicken came in nugget style so I don’t have to deal with bones. Tandoori McNuggets: New from McDonalds #
  • Baking Sculpey clay. Testing to see if I can make a pretty digital watch that’s functional. #
  • Sculpey clay did NOT work. Broke watch trying to experiment. Luckily it was just a cheap Armitron, but still, I feel like a failure. Peh… #
  • Awake with a Coke Zero. Have come to a Zen about last night’s watch fiasco. I need to work in the medium I am an expert in. #
  • Off to Michael’s for Watch 2.0 supplies. #
  • Turnips are up to 135 bells. Probably won’t be higher this week, so l’m selling. #
  • @ Ash I do that all the time with my Treo. Saved my butt during CES, with no hotel connectivity and deadlines looming. #
  • Any Utah Geeks going to the Utah Tech Meetup at Rumbis today? #
  • Utah Tech Spotlight: Today 3pm-4pm Rumbi Island Grill: 5269 south State Street, SLC #
  • I’m going, but Mike is sleeping. Will I be alone there? #
  • Cool… #
  • No, that Steve guy at the Utah Blogger Dinner last week was promoting it. #
  • @ Cinegage Couldn’t make it as a punker… #
  • I have a Treo 650P. Great battery. The only crashes happen because of crappy shareware software I use but can’t give up. #
  • EASY to text with, also. #
  • Off to the Utah Tech Spotlight. #
  • @ JasonAlba Now, dude! There’s still time to get here! #
  • Berkley Data Systems for backups at Utah Tech Spotlight #
  • Ahh… Mozy! He just introduced his company. #
  • They’re going pro next Tuesday. #
  • Coding Deathmatch None of their engineers solved the problem, but they hired 4 engineers. Second Coding Deathmatch starts April 14th. #
  • Josh Coates says SLC workforce more mature. They don’t work as hard, but they don’t bring weird stuff to work. #
  • @ JasonAlba We’re still here if you want to come. #
  • Getting Unreal 2004 at Beast Buy. Gonna try this game. #

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