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Twitter Log: 2007-04-03

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  • Finished at Ruby Tuesday. Now on a quest for video games. #
  • Happy birthday Adria! #
  • @ marleigh Ah shucks… Lean cuisine and ketchup… #
  • @ marleigh That sounds much better than what I had for dinner. #
  • Back home. Quest unsuccessful. ElectroPlankton is some sort of super rare game. Dang you, Schlomo! #
  • @ Cinegage Neither of those retailers have it. I could buy it on eBay for 60 bucks, but I’m too cheap… #
  • Installing Unreal Tournament 2004. We’ll see if it’s worth the wait. #
  • @ libel vox If it doesn’t work for me you can have it for free. #
  • @ libel Yeah, but I don’t have an underscore on my phone. Sorry… #
  • @ libel_vox Unreal Tourney 2004 is yours, dude. BTW, you can turn the gore off so it shouldn’t offend. #
  • I’m up. Eating Ramen for breakfast. The sun feels good in my eyes. I’ve got a lot of writing to do today. #
  • @ Extralife I see you deleted the entry about picking up stakes and moving. The answer is yes, but the feeling comes and goes. #
  • Writing blog entries. I have so much writing to do over the next couple of days that I’m going to be tied to the computer. #
  • @ jasonalba Here’s a quick link to JibberJobber from The Gadgets Page: http://tinyurl.com/yvdjkx #
  • Watching Justin.tv. He’s being interviewed by news. You can see it from his point of view. http://www.justin.tv/ #
  • Finally writing an entry about the Kathy Sierra mess… #
  • @ missrogue There, there, sweetie. Now you can buy a better camera. Look at it like an opportunity… #
  • @ ashbuckles Actually, I’m just listening to Justin.tv in the background while I work. #
  • My final thoughts on the Kathy Sierra incident: http://tinyurl.com/yuwks5 #
  • @ kitykity I just watched your interview! Awesome! It made me lonely for SXSWi… #
  • Just finished filming a video for tomorrow’s Starling Fitness entry. Now, to edit and upload. #
  • @ jasonalba Thanks, man! It’s a lot of work and I keep telling myself that it will be worth it. I guess we’ll see… #
  • At Noodles for dinner. Soft food for Mike’s new teeth. #

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