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Twitter Log: 2007-04-04

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  • @ marleigh Nothing beats Burgess Meredith as The Penguin! #
  • STILL writing blog entries. I’ve been working all day non-stop. I think itls time to take a break. #
  • Time for bed. Mike crashed an hour ago and it’s time for me to join him. #
  • Orange juice and morning allergies. Checking email. Deleting spam from the forums and my comments. #
  • @ jkenzer Explains why you were looking at Twitter people in Phoenix the other day. We’re watchin’ you, bub! :) #
  • Everyone welcome Jason Alderman to Twitter. The newest Utah Geek to become Twitterpated! #
  • Here is a blog entry: http://tinyurl.com/2h2v8o #
  • Read it before I lose my cool and delete it. #
  • @ libel_vox Yeah, that’s true, but it also gives the impression that we have never had a broken window. When someone else gets one… #
  • they feel alone… #
  • @ jasonalba The Utah Blogger Dinner is TODAY? #
  • @ marleigh Yes! Meet me there or should we go togerher? #
  • @ jasonalba Marleigh and I are coming to the dinner. Can you save a spot for us? #
  • @ash I am coming with a friend. Save us seats please! #

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