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Twitter Log: 2007-04-12

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  • Ah, lovely lovely Cardiff By The Sea. I love this town! Time to check in to our hotel. #
  • They gave us the same room as last year! Yeah! It feels like home. #
  • @ mrs801 Mac & Cheese with tuna fish. #
  • I’m with hundreddollar. There are very few people I’d pay 50 bucks to see. #
  • We’re in Cardiff. Our friends are stuck in L.A. right now. We’ll see them in an hour, but I want to see them NOW!! #
  • @ marleigh The making of movies is usually a lot more interesting than the actual movies. #
  • @ ashbuckles Thanks for the ShieldZone recommend. Tomorrow’s Gadgets Page links to you. #
  • Dinner at Taste of Thai. Taking it to the Strebe house to eat. #
  • Talking computer stuff with our old school geek friends. #
  • Thanks for the Bday wishes, everyone! #
  • Writing blog entries #
  • Only two spam in the Quotations Forum. Yeah! I got ’em pretty quick, too! #
  • @ Phil801 Actually, Carolynn has a point. Does Seth really need the extra $ as much as entrepreneurs? #
  • Anyone who knows your cellphone # can post to your Twitter account: http://tinyurl.com/2gn623 #
  • Welcome to Twitter, Matt! http://twitter.com/Matt_Siltala #
  • Welcome to Twitter, Shahar http://twitter.com/Shahar #
  • Going to Beach City Burrito for lunch. #

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