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Quiet Morning in the Hotel

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Early Morning at the Radisson Maingate by Laura Moncur 04-15-07

I am sitting in the Radisson Maingate hotel within walking distance of Disneyland. It is quiet here. The park doesn’t open up for another two hours or so, but I don’t hear any rumblings of activity in the hotel. I guess all the children are exhausted from yesterday’s trip to the park and are sleeping soundly.

My hotel is supposed to have wireless Internet, but it isn’t working, so I’m getting online with my trusty Treo. It isn’t very fast and I remember what it was like to access the Internet with a modem, but it always works in a pinch. That phone has bailed me out so many times that the iPhone is looking less impressive all the time. Maybe that money that I have been saving for Steve Jobs’ new toy will be spent on the new Treo and a bigger iPod instead. Maybe convergence is overrated.

The bed is quite uncomfortable in this hotel. The circulation to my arms was cut off several times over the night, waking me up. Waking up to the sensation of pins and needles is just unpleasant. I’m wondering if the other bed in our room is better, even though it’s positioned too close to the comfy chair. I guess I’ll try it tomorrow night.

I want to play Animal Crossing and find out who won the Flower Fest. I want that trophy…


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