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Rubik’s Cube Solution

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200705_25_03 - Cube by MyUtopian on FlickrI was looking at this website and I felt a soft and warm feeling flow over me. Ahh, Rubik’s Cube…

In 8th grade, I enjoyed a modicum of junior high fame because I could solve a Rubik’s Cube. My best time was somewhere around three minutes and I was so proud of it. People who wouldn’t deign to talk to me before, would furtively ask me to solve their cube. They would offer me money. They would be nice.

It was the first time in my life that someone was nice to me because I was smart.

I think the Rubik’s Cube was the first in a line of events that showed me that life as a Geek wasn’t so bad. Life as a Geek could alter the typical power structure. I always refused to do someone else’s homework, but I was perfectly willing to solve their Rubik’s Cube.

Via: Drink. Drive. Go To Jail. – Rubik’s Cube Goes Down


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