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Road To Nowhere By The Talking Heads

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Little Creatures at Amazon.comYou know when you listen to an album every day for months and then don’t listen to it again for twenty years. When you pick it up, it usually just feels kind of nostalgic, but mostly you think, “Man, this album kinda sucks…”

Yeah, that’s totally how I DIDN’T feel with Little Creatures by The Talking Heads.

I had originally bought this album on tape. I have no idea where that tape is now, so I spent some Christmas Amazon.com money on this album to replace it. It was one of those “I should really have this album in my collection – I liked it so much when I was a teen” moments. When it arrived, I put it on my iPod, but I didn’t bother to actually load up the album and listen to it all the way through.

Sure, I’m sick of songs like “Stay Up Late” and “And She Was,” but I had forgotten how much I liked “Give Me Back My Name” and “Road To Nowhere.”

Here is the video to Road To Nowhere:

So far ahead of their time that only now do I recognize the Mexican wrestler masks on the business suits. I understand now. Business is just entertainment, just like Mexican wrestling. It’s not any more real or honorable. How could I have not seen that when I was fifteen years old? Probably because I didn’t know it… well, that, and I had never seen a Mexican wrestler until about a year and a half ago…



  1. “Road to Nowhere” is an AMAZING song! I love it :-)

    Comment by Meri — 5/9/2007 @ 5:18 am

  2. I too have re-discovered music from 20 or more years ago and loved it even more. I have also found things that sucked back then and somehow don’t now. Odd. The most disconcerting thing is ALL of it is now in the “classics” section. Funny, I still feel 18……

    Comment by Steve — 5/9/2007 @ 11:07 am

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