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Twitter Log 05-18-07 to 05-25-07

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I find that I’m using Twitter less and less because it’s not reliable. I get messages out of order, so it can’t be a conversation. Sometimes the web doesn’t show messages that show up on my phone. I like the service. I really want it to succeed, but I find myself using it less.

  • @ kitykity Good video. Looks like this might be the wave of the future for real estate. less than 10 seconds ago from web in reply to kitykity
  • I’m cranking out video today. Seth Godin was awesome. Gonna try to be the best nature-treadmill-video producer today… 26 minutes ago from web
  • Conspiracy theories from Overstock.com… Wow… Didn’t expect this… about 19 hours ago from txt
  • At the Seth Godin event. Mike made me turn off the DS. about 20 hours ago from txt
  • Good morning, Twitches! I’m going to see Seth Godin today! 08:30 AM May 24, 2007 from web
  • I ordered a watch. Mike made me sign a paper stating that I understood that I was going to hate the watch and I was not allowed to complain. 09:31 PM May 23, 2007 from web
  • Mike bought me some cool roller ball pens that take fountain pen ink cartridges. I’m so excited to try them out. :) 02:26 PM May 23, 2007 from web
  • Hello, Twitches! Goin’ to pick up Sid and the cats at the kennel. I miss ’em! 10:32 AM May 23, 2007 from web
  • @ ashbuckles Just take the check to a different branch. You probably just got a bank nazi. 11:45 AM May 21, 2007 from txt in reply to ashbuckles
  • @ michaelverdi Wii/Twitter posting! U is the uber-geek! 10:29 AM May 21, 2007 from txt in reply to michaelverdi
  • I keep getting calls from a fax machine. I wish I could send a fax back saying, “This is not a fax machine!” 10:02 AM May 21, 2007 from txt
  • Up. Today we drive to Boise. 07:50 AM May 21, 2007 from web
  • Just finished Marleigh’s iPod cozy. 12:36 PM May 20, 2007 from web
  • @ kitykity I’m tellin’ ya, getcha one of them GPS things. The lady in the box’ll tell ya where ta go. 10:39 AM May 20, 2007 from web in reply to kitykity
  • Up. Email answered. Forums ignored and back to Lost. I’ve been watching for three days straight… 08:44 AM May 20, 2007 from web
  • Lost binge today while I strung the beads for Marleigh’s iPod cozy. I still like Locke even though he messed with Boone. 06:06 PM May 18, 2007 from txt
  • finally understand coffee now. You need CREAM to make it taste good. Not creamer. Not milk. Not that weird powdery stuff. CREAM! 08:27 AM May 18, 2007 from web
  • The forum spammers just got one notch smarter today… damn… 07:20 AM May 18, 2007 from web


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