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Twitter Log: 05-25-07 to 05-30-07

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We’ve had a busy couple of days. When I get busy, I neglect everything.

  • Mornin’ Twitches! The DVD worked and the order is waiting for the mail carrier! Yeah! 4 minutes ago from web
  • Even with Premiere Elements 3.0 and a Core Duo computer, it takes bloody forever to burn a DVD. I guess I’ll finish it in the morning. Night about 8 hours ago from txt
  • Reworking the Swami’s Beach video with DVD menus. I’ve had an influx of DVD orders and I want the older viddies to look as good as the new. about 9 hours ago from txt
  • @ missbhavens Definitely go. It’s amazing how the same AND different everyone is. about 9 hours ago from txt in reply to missbhavens
  • Just had a great dinner with Mike and Marleigh. about 12 hours ago from txt
  • Had to trade in the Beetle to do it, but was totally worth it. about 15 hours ago from txt
  • Just bought a Toyota Prius. I’m too excited! about 15 hours ago from txt
  • Reading RSS. Too much information… Note to self: The RSS is NOT a to-do list. It’s just some fun stuff to read if I want to… about 21 hours ago from web
  • Found mold on my PB sandwich. Just pulled off the moldy part and ate the rest. Time to get some bread, I guess. about 22 hours ago from web
  • Awake. Coffee. I’m releasing a new Starling Fitness DVD tomorrow. Sent pre-release emails to past customers. Underwhelmed with response. about 23 hours ago from web
  • Going to IKEA with the family. They’re making me turn off Twitter, so bye, bye, Twitches… 02:57 PM May 27, 2007 from txt
  • Trying to get various homebrew software to work on my DS. I think I bought the wrong card for this… 11:56 AM May 27, 2007 from web
  • Good morning Twitches! 11:12 AM May 27, 2007 from txt
  • Nighty night, Twitches! 11:14 PM May 26, 2007 from txt
  • @ libel vox Offer to give her a break. Take Howie to a weekend camping or something. 11:09 PM May 26, 2007 from txt
  • @ libel vox Gotta get past that, man. It can kill your marriage. She probably wants a break but feels guilty for wanting it. 10:53 PM May 26, 2007 from txt
  • @ libel vox Why don’t you? You could trade off with Val and give her a break once a month as well. I’m sure she’d appreciate it. 10:46 PM May 26, 2007 from txt
  • Fixing watch 3.0. The band wasn’t quite right. 09:29 PM May 26, 2007 from txt
  • @ libelvox FitDeck makes sense because it’s portable. You can take it to the gym. It’s a little harder to work out with weights at a comptr 08:58 PM May 26, 2007 from web in reply to libelvox
  • Hey all! If you could save me some soda can pop tops, it would be greatly appreciated. I’m making a chain mail crochet thingy… 04:48 PM May 26, 2007 from web
  • Just realized that www.somethingpositive.net had a broken RSS. I had missed two weeks before I noticed… 08:53 AM May 26, 2007 from web
  • I’m awake. Yesterday was a wash. Gonna do better today. 07:45 AM May 26, 2007 from web
  • Blerg! I hate car dealerships! 06:26 PM May 25, 2007 from txt


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