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Twitter Log: 2007-06-05

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  • @ caseymckinnon Malcolm McDowell is irreplaceable, irresistible and just so luscious, even to this day. #
  • @ caseymckinnon William Tell Overture or a big white horse? #
  • Early dental appointment tomorrow. Nighty, night, Twitches. #
  • Shower, Listerine, Intense Brushing and then Dental Appointment! #
  • Finished with dentist. I love it when they tell me I have beautiful teeth. #
  • RIT dye for our too white CodeAway shirts. #
  • RIT dye in tan. That should appease Mike & me. #
  • Working on project codenamed Earwax. #
  • @ MediaJoltz Need more Q-Tips! #
  • @ kitykity Do they have Fry Sauce at the Sonics in Texas? #
  • @ UnholyKnight Next time you go, will you ask for it to see if they have it there? Just wondering… #
  • Just injected 100 ml of Normosol under Linda’s skin. She tolerated it better this time. I think she has just given in to the treatments. #
  • Phone is bugging Mike. Twitter off. #
  • Back from IKEA. Haven’t figured out the computer desk thing yet, so we only bought meatballs. Shucks. #
  • @ marleigh Congrats on the good interview! Skywalker Ranch, baby! Skywalker Ranch!! #

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