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Twitter Log: 2007-07-05

Filed under: Twitter Log — @ 11:59 pm
  • Good morning, Twitches! I’m back after a week’s vacation from Twitter to find that Twitterific isn’t working. Any suggestions? #
  • Adium seems to be working fine, so I’m using that instead. Takes up less space, too. #
  • Laid in the sun for 30 minutes. Sweating too much to think, now. Thank Zod for my swamp cooler. #
  • Just finished my run. Treadmill said 1.90 miles, but Nike+ only said 1.75. Gotta believe the Nike+. It’s the only one that will keep track. #
  • @ ThomAllen We can’t direct message anymore? #
  • Ah… You had me scared there for a minute… #
  • Going to lunch with an old friend from high school. Last minute change in venue complicates my eating. #
  • Waiting at Robintinos for Dawni. #
  • Back from lunch. It was a good visit. I needed a good visit with an old friend. #
  • Where is everyone? I take a week off and everybody else splits too? #
  • @ ThomAllen We did have a good lunch. New friends are great, but they are so different than old friends. #
  • @ ThomAllen Good, of course. #
  • Just finished reading RSS. #
  • Think I should wake up Mike? He’s sleeping a little later than normal. I’m going to see… #
  • @ mrdonut We see you loud and clear! Jealous as hell! #

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