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Twitter Log: 2007-07-06

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  • Heading to Cottonwood Mall to eat at the food court. #
  • Holy Schmoly! Cottonwood Mall is DEFUNCT! Empty except the mall walkers. #
  • To Fashion Place Mall instead. I wonder what haapened to Cottonwood Mall. #
  • @ jensimmons Sid barked all night last night. Slept all day. I felt like waking him up for revenge, but the fireworks weren’t his fault. #
  • @ tehlaser Are you coming to CodeAway this month? http://voxpopdesign.com/wordpress/ #
  • @ missbhavens Too tame to even answer without shame. #
  • @ lisawilliams Wow… Those photos looked just like Cottonwood Mall. So many stores gone with no signs explaining the vacancy. #
  • Going to bed. Nighty, night, Twitches! #
  • I’ve been up for hours, but forgot to log onto Twitter. Hello, Twitches! #
  • @ jensimmons Yes. You’re still working hard and your butt is going to be sore afterward from sitting so long. #
  • @ michaelverdi It’s not Twitterific’s fault. I’m having the same trouble with IM support. #
  • @ DavidHowell Honestly neither has SMS and Twitter. I’m still waiting for them to work out the bugs. #
  • @ MediaJoltz It has been pretty quiet. Good to hear from you. #
  • Just finished reading RSS. I’ve been procrastinating my run. No more. See ya soon.! #
  • Okay, check the forums for spam and THEN I’ll go for a run #
  • That didn’t take long. OK, I guess I’m going on my run now. Don’t know why I’m procrastinating… #
  • Finished with my run. Recovering with my dear friend, the computer. #
  • Very hungry now. #
  • Watching Pride & Prejudice while eating lunch. The one with Keira Knightly. #
  • I just watched the WORST version of Pride & Prejudice ever, and I’ve seen the Lawrence Olivier version. #
  • @ tehlaser Donald Sutherland and Judy Dench were good… #
  • @ marleigh The one with Keira Knightly. #
  • @ marleigh Watching V for Vendetta to get the taste out of my mouth. #
  • @ marleigh Better acting so far, even counting Natalie Portman’s “British” accent. #
  • @ ThomAllen CodeAway is July 28th 1-5pm This month. Planned it after the festivities. #
  • V for Vendetta was awesome! Heading for a movie trifeca with Stacey & Dan. Rattatoiuille! #

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