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Twitter Log: 2007-07-12

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  • Good morning, Twitches! Got a slow start today, but I’m here now! #
  • @ matto You didn’t get dissed. They just didn #
  • @ matto didn’t hate the NYT article. Disagreeing is NOT dissing. #
  • Smart Car FINALLY in USA in 2008. Reserve one for $99: http://www.smartusa.com/ #
  • @ marleigh WOW! That took a long time! I had no idea it would take so long. Have fun at the Farmer’s Market! #
  • Writing blog entries. Done with email, RSS and spam checking. #
  • @ DavidHowell Okay, I lied, you’re NOT going to miss Corporate America at all. #
  • @ jaydedman I would teleport to the local 7-11 for a 32 oz. soda. #
  • @ missbhavens Don’t be dissin’ Christopher Cross! He’s my homeboy! #
  • @ missbhavens It’s not Christopher Cross’ fault that Verizon is using him for EVIL… #
  • @ The Hair Song: Bejeebus! My hair got so long because I forgot to cut it. Ain’t no message with me… #
  • @ Schlomo Squeaky! #

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