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Friday the 13th: Stream of Consciousness

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I noticed that this month we have a Friday the 13th. I feel like I should write something about it. All that unlucky stuff, you know, try to keep the weblog current.

The garbage truck just picked up the recycling. I had stuffed all the IKEA boxes in the recycling bin and I was worried that they wouldn’t come out of the bin or that the garbage men wouldn’t take them at all. Instead, it all fell into the big crusher just fine.

I have been increasing my running and weight training. I only exercise Monday through Friday, so I am almost done for this week. My muscles ache all week and I rest on the weekends. Putting the desk together was physically taxing as well, so I’ve been living on ibuprofen. I’m looking forward to this weekend because I can just rest.

I have been eating a special diet of rice, white bread and oatmeal to keep my stomach pain at bay. It’s not considered healthy by any nutritional organization, yet, I’ve felt better than I have for months. The acidophilus stopped working, so my intense stomach pain came back. Dairy, fat (even healthy oils), artificial sweeteners or fats, and most meats are off limits right now. I feel like I should feel restricted, but my stomach feels so much better that I’m happy. The only problem is when I eat these restricted foods, it takes two days for the pain to hit me (it has to get through my system). The pub food I ate on Sunday doubled me over on Tuesday. The vodka sauce I had on Monday hit me on Wednesday. No pain today because I ate nothing but bread, oatmeal and rice on Wednesday. Yeah for me!

My cat, Linda, is dying of kidney failure. Gotta poke her and inject fluids under her skin today so that she doesn’t get dehydrated. At least she has her appetite. She’s eating the KD food just fine. I got a couple of cute pictures of her a few days ago. I’m trying to enjoy her while she’s still here.

Lucky? Unlucky? Man, I don’t know what that means anymore.


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