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Desk Drama Diverted

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Desk Drama DivertedMy work schedule is finally back to normal now that I have the desk put together and in working order. I have a bunch of junk to either write about or dispose of. I’m going to take a day, put it in a stack and just write all day to get rid of it. Other than that, this set up is working much better than the standing desk I had and the vanity that I had working in a pinch.

On another note, that chair, is a back saver. When I was in high school, the desks were perfect if my back was hurt a bit. I could lean back and they would pop my back in the exactly right spot. This Jules Chair from IKEA is exactly the same. If I had known that, I would have bought one years ago when I first saw them in an IKEA in San Diego. Instead of back issues, I bought this chair because it’s pretty and simple. Lucky me, it’s a great chair as well. I’m tempted to buy an entire set for the kitchen. At $50 apiece, they cost half of our current chairs and are much more comfortable.

A special thank you to Michael, who helped me put the desk together, fixed things when I screwed up and put the wrong cams in the wrong places and made me go to bed when I was so tired I didn’t know it. Also, thank you, Michael for putting Chicken of the VNC on my Mac, so I could use it to control my HP computer. I only use the PC to test things and burn the Starling Fitness DVDs, but those are two important things, so I couldn’t sacrifice the PC. Fortunately, Mike made it easy for me! Thanks, babe!


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