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While we were in Billings, we visited the Rimrock Mall. It looks completely different than it did when I was child trapped in the town. Completely different, except for Herberger’s. Imagine my surprise when I find that Montgomery Ward is gone, replaced with an additional Dillards (does the mall really need TWO Dillards?), but Herberger’s is still there.

The sign looked completely unchanged in the last twenty years.

Herberger’s was one of those stores that I always thought was for grownups. It didn’t have any stickers or candy. It didn’t even have any cool clothes for when I became obsessed with my clothes more than stickers. I always thought it was one of those stores I would like when I got older.

I’m older now and it still looks entirely unremarkable. When will I be old enough to make Herberger’s interesting, and will it still be there when I am?


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