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Las Vegas, Baby!

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We’re going to Las Vegas to celebrate my sister’s birthday!

The whole time I was miserable in Billings, I kept saying to myself that I was going to go to Vegas for Stacey’s birthday and I could be happy then. Especially when I ate the open faced turkey sandwich with beef gravy (?!) at the casino restaurant that my grandpa likes so much, I promised myself that things will be better when we go to Vegas.

We’re leaving today and we’ll get to see what kind of gas mileage the Prius gets on one of our favorite drives out of town. Since we got over 45.6 mpg on the Billings trip, we’re thinking that it will be a pretty cheap drive.

I’m going to visit Fry’s and look for the Japanese animated movie of Animal Crossing and a Sanyo Xacti E1. I’m going to go to their Apple store and get iLife ’08 since the Apple store in SLC doesn’t seem to have it yet. I’m going to go to the Swatch store and look at the Puzzle Motion Swatches. I’m going to follow Stacey, Dan, my mom and Reed around and see what they’re interested in.

Most importantly, I’m NOT going to be in Montana.


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