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Twitter Log: 2007-08-14

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  • Good morning, Twitches! #
  • Happy Birthday, JesseStay! #
  • @ alizasherman Sorry about the weather. It’s Alaska, afterall… #
  • @ alizasherman Ideas are worthless. The beauty is in the execution. They could steal your ideas and still muck it up without you. #
  • @ JesseStay Dude! Biggie Small would b*tch slap you right now! #
  • @ humancell Don’t get me started about Adobe. I want to cut them! #
  • @ NewspaperGrl OMG! Those baby pictures make me want to kill things! #
  • @ NewspaperGrl Babies are NOT dolls. They are human beings. It really bothers me when people treat their offspring like toys. #
  • @ NewspaperGrl If they want to dress something up, buy a doll. I have no problem dressing myself up, but babies and animals have no choice. #
  • Walking around Sugarhouse. Just hit the post office. What am I supposed to do with these girly flower stamps they gave me? #
  • @ libel_vox Take a nap. It’s much easier to work when you feel rested. #
  • @ NewspaperGrl Nope. That whole Anne Geddes thing really bugged me. I’m glad it’s not in style anymore. #

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