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Twitter Log: 2007-08-31

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  • @ TheDruidXpawX Hey! I’m going to the Geek Lunch! Is no one following me? #
  • @ JesseStay Thanx. I was beginning to think this microphone wasn’t on. #
  • Hey, all, the Twitter IM is dropping messages… AGAIN. Better just keep refreshing Twitter to get everything. Bugger… #
  • @ jasonalba & robertmerrill Geek Lunch today at noon at Thai Spice at 845 E and Fort Union. You in? #
  • @ ashbuckles I know your people signed up for it, but I’d feel guilty at the thought of placing 10,000 phone calls in a day. #
  • @ libel_vox You coming to the Geek Lunch today? #
  • @ libel_vox I’m so confused… :) #
  • Okay, I’m leaving for the Geek Lunch now. See you guys soon! #
  • At the Geek Lunch. I needed this today. #
  • Great Geek Lunch! Thanks, TheDruidXpawX! #
  • @ jensimmons I do that ALL the time. Our baby would have been finishing high school if we hadn’t gotten a cat instead. #
  • Another teen selling magazines door to door. I wanted to tell her to get a job at K-Mart like I did. It’s easier and she’d earn more money. #
  • Scanner crashed my Mac AGAIN! This project has been hell. #
  • Scanning in family heirloom photographs. So many unknown faces. #
  • @ JesseStay Wow. Two bails in one day. #

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