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Hard Worker

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This is one of those times when I don’t have anything to write. I don’t want to write and I feel crappy about it. Ever since Grandpa died, I haven’t wanted to write and all the weblogs have gone dark. I know he wouldn’t have wanted that. He was the kind of man who prized work above everything.

Hard worker.

I don’t think you could give me a better compliment than that and it’s all because of how I was raised: by my mom, my dad and my grandparents.

I haven’t been much of a hard worker lately. I think I’ve been wallowing in it a little. I’ve been doing my best to achieve one good thing a day. Do laundry. Change the sheets. Empty the suitcases. Anything to mark it down as an achievement. Honestly, I feel like I can’t do anything more.

Stacey and I had a talk today and she said that being forced back to work actually helped her, so here I am, forcing myself back to work. A good day is six units, so I’m doing six units today.

This is number one.



  1. I read this interesting article that is all about hard work… http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2007/09/labor-day.html How do you define hard work?

    Comment by Jake Spurlock — 9/4/2007 @ 11:40 pm

  2. oh sweetie, you just made me cry at work. Sometimes it is just stepping one foot in front of the other for awhile. I wish you a comforting dream.

    Comment by B. — 9/5/2007 @ 12:38 pm

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