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I Am Ashamed How Lame My Blog Has Become

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Self Portrait Sunday 01-06-08 from FlickrPost after post of Twitter Logs. Sure, it’s a good gauge to track where I am, what I’m doing and whether I’m still alive or not, but it isn’t entertaining reading. What changed? Why have I written so little here lately? Did I get burned out in November? Does the constant clicking on Twitter kill my willingness to write in earnest?

Maybe I’m just writing so much for my other weblogs that I have nothing left for this one.

That sounds like a good theory, but it just isn’t true. My writing has been suffering on ALL of my blogs.

Maybe this is just a cyclical thing. Sometimes I’m really inspired to write. Sometimes I feel like I can’t write. Fortunately, I’m not stopped up and completely unable to create. I’m just a little slower now than I was before. I’m sure the pace will pick up again.

Until then, maybe I’ll just take photos or draw pictures or something like that. Whatever I do, I need to stem off the tide of constant Twitter Logs.


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