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I’m Ready To Attack CES!!

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Self Portrait Monday 01-07-08 from FlickrI’m up. I’m dressed. I’m ready to attack CES, but Mike and I made a deal. I was going to let him sleep until 8am. It’s 7:37 right now. Twenty-three minutes! I can’t believe how slow time flows when I want to get something done!

Last night, we went to Bloghaus. We were going to go to the Bill Gates Keynote Address, but we decided to hang with the bloggers instead. Fortunately, they were streaming the keynote there. It was my best Bill Gates keynote experience because we could hang out with other people and make fun of the television just as if it was 1992 and we were all watching Melrose Place.

Scoble was showing off his Nokia N95 phone with 3G by streaming live video to Qik. He filmed me, Michael and a bunch of people from Gear Live on this video.

I’m at the 2:55 mark. A special thank you to Matthew Reinbold for finding me in the pile of video. When he walked up to me with the camera, I had no idea it was streaming live. I kind of figured whatever he filmed with me would end up on the cutting room floor, so I didn’t really try very hard to be cool or even promote The Gadgets Page.

Ah… self promotion’s overrated, anyway.

God, it’s only 7:50 am. Ten minutes until I can wake up Michael.


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