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Wishing The Best For Dylan

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Self Portrait Wednesday 01-16-08 from FlickrYesterday, we visited Dylan at his house. This morning, he is going in for surgery to have a tumor removed from his hand. The tumor has eaten away at the bone, so they are going to take some bone from his wrist to reconstruct his finger. We wanted to see him before he went under anesthesia because after the surgery, he’ll be down for a while.

Most importantly, he won’t be able to play guitar.

I remember when Dylan started playing guitar in high school. I was impressed with his abilities and I thought he had learned guitar just to be my accompaniment. Kearns High was having a talent show, so I asked him if he wanted to be in the talent show. I could sing and he could play the guitar. He wasn’t interested in that idea at all. In fact, he had no desire to play the guitar in front of anyone else at the time. I figured he was good enough to play in front of the whole school, but he basically told me that there wasn’t a chance in hell that he would play in the talent show.

I think that was senior year because I wanted us to do Fast Car by Tracy Chapman.

Today, I’m hoping Dylan’s surgery is going well. I hope his hand heals well and we are all able to listen to him play guitar soon. I promise, I won’t make you stand in front of the whole school and play a song you don’t like. Just get better, man.

Update 01-17-08: He’s fine, he’s home and his x-rays are online:


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