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Sid Vicious: Demon Dog

Filed under: Art and Photography,Our Pets,Sid — Laura Moncur @ 5:00 am

Sid Vicious - Demon Dog from FlickrEvery time I pull out the camera and ask Sid to sit, he sits… for about 10 seconds. Then he immediately starts doing all of his other tricks. He’ll lift his paw to shake, he’ll take a bow, he’ll start sneezing and yawning.

Honestly, he was just yawning in this photo, but doesn’t he look like something you would meet on the way to hell? Sid Vicious: Demon Dog.

Here’s a better photo:

Sid Vicious from Flickr

Did you know that it’s virtually impossible to correct red-eye on this dog? Not even iPhoto could do it. I had to do it myself and it looks horrible. Oh well, I never said I was a Photoshop expert…


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