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Maggie Without Linda

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Before Linda died, I saw something like this every day. Now that Linda is gone, Maggie is so lonely. Even when she sits on my lap all day, she meows.

I can’t be another cat. I can’t bear to get another cat. This video makes me happy and sad all at the same time.

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On another note, this video was filmed over a year ago. I never posted it because Mike is sleeping on the bed behind the cats. The reason you don’t get to see more of the cats playing is because they woke him up and he kicked them off the bed.

I haven’t been awoken by a cat fight on my bed for months.



  1. I was working on my taxes, googled the DI to get their address, read about your report on the 2 best DIs, smiled at your posts, was reminded of nakedjen who i met when i picked up my sundance credentials a couple wks ago – i moved here from SC as well. So, nice to meet you. You said something above that broke my heart in this post. You said you can’t be a cat, can’t bear to get another. I made a similar declaration. When my australian shepard died of cancer, the one who was with me through all phases of my life, from living in a car to owning my own home. We worked at hospitals, foster care centers, and she was love personified. She passed March 13, 2003, I sang her song ‘to the tune of Ain’t Misbehaving’. I swore there would be no other aussie for me and less than 6 weeks later, I adopted an aussie orphan. They’re totally different, and today I still cry for the loss of my Lucella, even though I love my doofus clown Miki. The one thing I’ve learned is that in their whole lives, a pet will only break your heart once, and that’s when we outlive them. Go to ksl.com, get your kitty a kitty. Love all, r

    Comment by aunt rhodie — 2/5/2008 @ 4:01 pm

  2. Yes, when my 18 year old kitty passed decades ago, I was so heartbroken that although I’d previously said I’ll always have cats, I found it impossible to even consider having another after losing her. However, when my hubby brought home a stray kitten left unconscious in a city street gutter, I allowed her into my heart and I loved her as much as my first…and then I rescued another, and when she was gone 12 yrs. later I rescued another playmate for my boy…and another rescue…and so the story will continue my whole life. Adopting another kitty doesn’t ever change how we love or miss our others. They are all uniquely beautiful and sweet in their own personalities and most of all, don’t be selfish…your Maggie needs a companion and is also in mourning…and your next kitty will need you as much as you need him/her. :o) Jeanne

    Comment by jeanne illenye — 9/12/2013 @ 8:56 pm

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