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Curly vs. Straight Hair

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Curly vs. Straight HairHere is an interesting story about curly vs. straight hair. She decided to use two different profiles on an online dating site, one curly and one straight to see which men prefer.

The straight hair received a lot more response than the curly-haired profile.

In the end, however, she realized what I did a long time ago:

What I do know is that when it comes to voting for curly or straight, if a man says it depends, perhaps it really does. It depends on confidence. Stepping into a date with a smile can make all the difference.

The minute I stopped fretting about my hair, I gained more confidence and suddenly my hair looked better to everyone. Best of all, when I let it stay curly, it takes a lot less time to deal with. I save the 45 minutes of hair dryer and flat iron, which I can use for whatever I want!


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  1. Not really a fair test. In one photo she looks outdoorsy and tanned. In the other she is white as a sheet and looks the indoor type. Should have been the same all around to really “test” the waters. Yes?

    Comment by Rose Gray — 2/14/2008 @ 11:04 pm

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