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Superbowl Commercials Have Jumped the Shark

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I watched all the Superbowl commercials from this year and it seems that they have really gone downhill. It used to be that the best of the best would be saved for the Superbowl, but now it just looks like they are throwing any stupid thing up because they know their target audience is too drunk to really know the difference.

With one exception:

This eTrade baby was funny and well done. I’m surprised at how much better animating talking babies is now. Of course, the dead pan voice is half the humor.

By the way, eTrade. The reason that you are getting 1000 new accounts a day is because we can’t find our passwords to the old accounts. Fix your security instead of making it freakin’ impossible to get into your own account.

Via: Super Bowl 2008 Ad: E Trade Baby with Clown Commercial (Video) | TV Crunch


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