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Procrastination Conquered

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Procrastination Conquered from Flickr

I just watched the mailman pick up all my packages. I had things for Starling Fitness to send out and then a couple of personal packages to friends in San Diego. I don’t know why I waited until there was a stack of mail, but a stack of mail went out today. It feels good to get it finished and sent.

They say that happiness lies in doing. I like accomplishing things, but I’ve noticed that I will procrastinate. Why do I put off that good feeling of achievement?

It’s not sloth. It’s not laziness. I will do a ton of other things to avoid having to do something else. Sometimes I do housework to avoid paid work. Sometimes I do paid work to avoid housework. Sometimes, I find video games that actually feel like work to avoid both. Even my recreation could be considered work.

So why do I procrastinate sometimes?

All I can figure is that I work so much that procrastination is the only way I know how to rest.

Gotta fix that somehow…



  1. A: Thanks for not procrastinating today!! :)

    B: oh oh hot tip: check out the Now Habit by Niel Fiore. His book saved my bootie during grad school. He recommends, among other ideas, scheduling in fun. TOTALLY helpful- especially when I thought I didn’t have time for fun.

    Comment by B. — 2/19/2008 @ 6:04 pm

  2. I love to procrastinate paid work with housework. My house could be crying out for serious attention for weeks, and then, boom, right when I get something that I will actually earn money for, all I can do is run around disinfecting and organizing.

    At least you are an equal-opportunity procrastinator!

    Comment by What About Mom? — 2/20/2008 @ 12:45 am

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