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Twitter Log: 2008-02-28

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  • UT Blogger/Geek Dinner TONIGHT at 6pm at Neil’s Halibut. See you there! http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/435051 #
  • @TheDruidXpawX Even if you go old school with a VCR, it’s better than live. You can fast forward through the commercials. We’ll miss you. :( #
  • @PaulWilson There’s no need for monthly SEO meetings. Everything honorable about SEO can be learned fast. Monthly meetings are just slime. #
  • @PaulWilson You have to get past the slime, though. The good people will avoid a monthly SEO meeting, so all you’ll be left with is slime. #
  • @WasatchGirl You coming to the Geek dinner tonight? #
  • @PaulWilson It is possible to increase your rank honestly. SEO has been synonymous with gaming the system. Don’t brag about it. #
  • @PaulWilson Writing good content is the only viable solution. Once you start writing for robots, they’ll be the only ones reading your site. #

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