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Economic Survivalism

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Lola Jo Lipe by Laura Moncur from Flickr

Lola Jo Lipe by Laura Moncur from Flickr

This is a photo of my grandmother as a young girl during the tail end of the Great Depression. If she could live through that, then so could I, but articles like this make me paranoid:

Here are some great ideas to survive a economic downturn:

  • Avoid debt at all costs.
  • Get out of your mortgage before the housing market collapses any further.
  • Buy some cheap land in a rural area.
  • Go off the grid. Get your own power generator or some wind turbines.
  • Cultivate some skills that will always be in demand.
  • Offshore yourself.
  • Invest in the ultimate counter-cyclicals.
  • Invest in some Euros, or some other currency that’s not the dollar.
  • Have some liquid funds on hand.
  • Plant a garden or take part in a community garden in your neighborhood.
  • Learn to hunt.
  • Stockpile medications.

I was raised by 1970’s Jehovah Witnesses. Armageddon was always around the corner back then. Now, I don’t fear God’s wrath. We humans can make each other far more miserable. I guess I better find some land in the middle of nowhere and a wind turbine…


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