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Moncur Castle

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Mike’s parents just came back from their trip to Great Britain. While they were in Scotland, they visited Moncur Castle.

Moncur Castle by Gary Moncur from Flickr

Moncur Castle by Gary Moncur from Flickr

Decrepit, tiny and roofless, it stands in a cow pasture. Still, it feels good to be able to trace our family lineage back to a castle in Europe, even if it’s a decrepit one.



  1. It may be decrepit but it’s THERE and it’s a CASTLE! That is just plain cool.

    Comment by Lillian — 6/16/2008 @ 3:06 pm

  2. While thats not my picture(I’m another Gary), it’s good to see the castle standing. But the last I heard, it had collapsed. I hope thats not true as I would love to visit it someday. My father and uncles have been there though.

    Comment by Gary Moncur — 3/14/2011 @ 4:33 pm

  3. From that last visit…it is still standing…

    Comment by Curt Moncur — 8/6/2012 @ 4:51 pm

  4. Hi all, my maternal grandmother’s maiden name was Moncur and i know her family originated from Scotland. My grandmother lived in Liverpool and i think it was her grandparents that came down from Scotland. I do hope myself and my family have ancestors that are connected to this castle. Would love to pay a visit in person some day. :-)

    Comment by Sandra Hadwin — 3/20/2013 @ 3:37 pm

  5. This is awesome, my family name is Moncur, ive always been told that we come from royalty, this is a great site to see.

    Comment by cliffette williams — 8/29/2013 @ 4:05 pm

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