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The Bar in Scev’s Basement

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Plaid Stallions has done it again and have brought a cherished memory from my childhood to life in vivid catalog color.

Sceverenia’s parents had a bar that looked just like this in their basement.

The bar in Scev's basement

We played for hours at that bar. It wasn’t a bar. It was a storefront. It was a government office. It was a checkout counter. Heck, I think we even did homework up at that bar a couple of times when the kitchen table was full of rowdy drinkers.

That was the funny thing about the Kubota house. There were never any drinkers at the bar in their basement. I’m sure her parents bought it with visions of fun parties in the basement, but the parties stayed around the kitchen table. Honestly, the kitchen table was much more adept at handling all the people who came to their parties.

Ironically, the only place where you couldn’t get alcohol in the Kubota house was the bar in the basement. Scev and I had a lot of fun there.


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