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August 2008 CodeAway Pictures

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Laura Moncur by Michael Moncur from FlickrBefore every CodeAway, I panic. I’m worried that no one will show up and it will just be me and Mike hanging around for four hours. When I look at Upcoming.org and see that only two people have RSVP’d, I especially panic. Somehow, yesterday, it worked out. I didn’t panic. I told myself that even if it’s just me, Mike, Scott and Charlie, it will be awesome fun because Scott has something new to show off and Charlie is ALWAYS funny. Fortunately, the crowd showed up and I didn’t have to panic at all!

You can see all the photos here:

I am so grateful to the Utah Geeks community. Without them, Mike and I would have moved far away. With them, we feel like we aren’t so weird doing this Internet stuff. Our families might not be able to understand it, but our friends are right there with us and able to give us tips and pointers.

Thanks, everyone!


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