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My Life in Swatches: Sir Swatch

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Sir Swatch by Laura Moncur from Flickr

Sir Swatch by Laura Moncur from Flickr

This is most my beloved of my Swatches. When I found out that I had spent my money on a counterfeit Swatch back in 1985, my mom said she would help me buy a REAL one if I saved up for half. It took me weeks of going to ZCMI and looking at their selection to decide on this one.

Laura Lund - Kearns High by LauraMoncur from FlickrIf you look closely, you can see that I am wearing Sir Swatch in my graduation photo. I must have looked at the face of this watch for hours and hours, waiting for school to get out or work to be finished.

If you notice, the crest on the face spells the word Swatch. There is an “S” on the upper left, a “W” on the upper right, an “A” on the lower left, a “T” divides the four areas of the crest and the “CH” are on the lower right.

God, I LOVE this Swatch. For the last few years, I thought this watch was broken because I had replaced the battery and it still didn’t work, but when I took it to the Swatch store last week, the guy there was able to get it going.

I was so happy I hugged him.


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  1. Thanks for checking out my blog! I haven’t purchased a replacement band for my Swatch yet. There used to be a Swatch store in the mall next door to my office park, but it closed some time ago, and the Swatch company told me they won’t put on a replacement band for me. I’ll have to order one from an independent company and see if I can get it ticking again.

    Yours looks fantastic with your cap and gown, BTW.

    Comment by Pam — 9/2/2008 @ 11:01 am

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