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Twitter Log: 2008-09-03

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  • Still awake and writing blog entries. I finished my allotted work HOURS ago. Why am I still here typing away? #
  • Wasted my morning scouring the Swatch forums. Gotta get some work done. #
  • @arcade30 Who will win between Superman and a Jedi? It depends on the color of the sun wherever they are fighting. My vote is for the Jedi. #
  • @TheDruidXpawX @cspencer @libel_vox I’m still voting for the Jedi, even if it’s Mace Windu. Heck, even a youngling might beat him. #
  • Utah Geeks: Don’t forget the UT Geek/Blogger Dinner tomorrow night: http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/1055125/ #

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