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Murdered Almost A Century Ago

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Miss Dorcas Snodgrass by Library of Congress from FlickrIt’s hard to imagine that a woman this lovely could be dead. Nearly one hundred years ago, she went missing:

YOUNG WOMAN GONE LIKE DOROTHY ARNOLD; After starting for New York to do some shopping last Wednesday, Miss Dorcas Iyams Snodgrass, 26 years old, who was living at the home of her sister, Mrs. John L. Crider, 140 Wallace Avenue, Mt. Vernon, has disappeared as mysteriously as did Miss Dorothy Arnold nearly two years ago.

SUSPECT FOUL PLAY IN SNODGRASS CASE; Officials at Catskill, Where Body Was Found, Say Nurse Was Not a Suicide.

CAN’T PROVE MURDER OF MISS SNODGRASS; Tests with a Dummy in the Creek Leave Authorities Still Uncertain.

NURSE’S BODY SENT SOUTH.; Relatives Think Miss Snodgrass Fell Into Creek While Ill.

FINDS NURSE KILLED HERSELF; Physician’s Report on Autopsy Shows Miss Snodgrass Committed Suicide.

CLUE IN SNODGRASS CASE.; Handkerchief with Star Picked Up Near Where Body Was Found.

A friend of Dorcas, Amelia Danby, went missing on July 13th, but she was able to make it home.

MISS DANBY COMES HOME.; Missing Mount Vernon Girl Says She Was Afraid to Return Sooner.

Still decreed as a suicide, the murder of this beautiful nurse has yet to be solved. Unlike CSI, sometimes they just don’t find the bad guys. My only consolation is that after nearly a hundred years, both Dorcas and her murderer are dead.


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