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Easy Steampunk Costumes

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Mad Scientist CostumeWhile looking at the costume sites online, I found this cool Mad Scientist Costume. You can see it in more detail here:

When I saw this costume, I realized that it would be a perfect and easy steampunk costume. It comes with the brown robe, the apron, gloves and goggles. All you would need would be a top hat and some good knee-high boots and you’d be DONE! EASY!

From now on when people don’t know what steampunk is and still want to follow along with the theme for the Halloween party, I’m forwarding them a link to this costume.

Check out the closeup of the goggles. It’s almost worth the forty bucks just for those cool goggles:

Mad Scientist Goggles

For women it’s a little more difficult to find anything really good. I didn’t want to have a costume that was too revealing, so I used a prom dress and the corset and top from this Tavern Wench costume. If you want to go the sexy route, there are a bunch of vampire and pirate costumes that could be repurposed for Steampunk.

Steampunk VampireThis pirate costume would work as a Steampunk outfit if it were coupled with leggings, combat boots and a good brass gun of some sort. Even that hat would work as long as you wear some cool goggles around your neck.

Also, the intersection of vampire costumes and steampunk are strangely similar. This vampire costume is perfect for steampunk, just lose the choker and collar. It comes with the top hat, so all you need to do is add some steampunk gear and you have an easy costume.

I’ve been planning my costume for months, so I’m feeling a little surprised at how easy it can be to throw together a Steampunk costume. Tomorrow, I’ll talk about Steampunk Gear.



  1. The costume I’m putting together is very much a Gothic style vampiress. I figured it would cross over well into the steam punk theme.

    Comment by Jessica — 9/25/2009 @ 3:27 pm

  2. I ordered this costume for my son for an upcoming Steampunk convention. While I knew that it would only be a starting point for us to build upon, there were several issues with the costume itself: First, the goggles are NOTHING like those pictured! They are simply clear goggles (that do NOT wrap around on the sides) with a thin strip of faux leather across the top and a thin metal disk glued to the center of each eyepiece. That’s it! Super cheesy :( Second, the buckles to close the strap on the collar were non-existent: not in the bag nor any evidence that they were ever stitched on. Third, the gloves are shaped for some type of mutant creature that does not have hands that resemble a human’s, of any kind! We cut the fingers, of the gloves, off and are hoping to make some type of gauntlet with the leftover cuff. So, while we will make this costume work, albeit with more effort & supplies than we planned, we might have better spent the money on individual pieces and created it entirely ourselves. Lesson learned.

    Comment by Marenda — 7/21/2013 @ 9:48 am

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