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Awesome Steampunk Stilts

Filed under: Halloween — Laura Moncur @ 10:00 am

Steampunk Stilts by jessicamieko from FlickrI absolutely love the steampunk stilts made by Improbcat from the Pi Convention last August. It almost makes me want to take a trip to Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts just to see all the costumes!

The benefit of being so much taller than everyone else is really appealing to me because I’m pretty short, even for a girl, but the thought of balancing on stilts for an entire convention or even the Halloween party sounds like a nightmare.

Look how much taller he is than his friends:

4Pi Con by jessicamieko from Flickr

Honestly, the entire group looks awesome!

4Pi Con by jessicamieko from Flickr

Great work on costuming, people! Keep it up!


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