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It snowed last night. It wasn’t a huge storm, just enough of the fluffy white stuff to cover the grass. By this afternoon, almost all of it has melted from the sidewalk. The mountains are pale blue in the distance, leaving behind their oranges and reds of the autumn.

November Utah Snow by Laura Moncur

Winter’s finally here and I don’t want to leave the house.

Some people get cabin fever in the winter. When it snows, they feel trapped and want to leave the house just to prove that they can. I’m the opposite. Snow makes me want to hide indoors like a caterpillar in her cocoon. I have plenty of food, entertainment and Internet to keep me busy for months on end.

I feel like cocooning.


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  1. Yeah, I’m exactly the same way. Hibernation for the win!

    Comment by Marleigh — 11/23/2009 @ 5:42 pm

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