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Frank McDonough Jr.’s Odometer: The Truth and Fiction – Steampunk Stories

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Perambulator by LauraMoncur from FlickrI have written a recap of the truth and fiction from my story, Frank McDonough Jr.’s Odometer. You can read it here:

Frank McDonough Jr.’s Odometer was born in the Denver Museum of Art. Last September, Mike, Stacey, Dan and I all visited Denver. While the three of them attended the iPhone Developers Conference, I toured the museums of Denver. I took in the exhibits alone, which is a surprising treat that I’m not accustomed to. I was able to stay as long or as little as I wanted at each showing. If they had been with me, I would have been rushed past the small odometer hiding in the back display cabinet and this story would have never been written.

I haven’t written another entry for Steampunk Stories, but I have a great one in mind, so I better get crackin’!


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