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Photos That Have Been Left Behind

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A couple of weeks ago, PostSecret had this card and it sounded so familiar.

PostSecret: Photos That Have Been Left Behind

It reads:

I work in a photo lab…

and sometimes I can’t bear seeing the photos that have been left behind & not take them home where they can be appreciated.

This is EXACTLY how I felt when I worked at the service desk at K-Mart so long ago. I wrote about it back in 2003:

At that time, K-mart would let you get a refund for whatever pictures you didn’t like, no questions asked. Not very many people would refund their pictures, but a few people took advantage of this program. As the recipient of these poor, rejected pictures, I always felt a sadness for them. Since we were instructed to just throw the pictures away, I would take my favorites of the discarded home.

Back then, I didn’t really have the capabilities to add photos to my blog posts, but now, I can show you the photos I was talking about. Click on the photos to embiggen.

Back In ‘Nam You Wouldn’ta Done Dis To Me

Back In Nam Ya Wouldnta Done This To Me

The Forest

The Forest

These were the two abandoned photographs that I was brazen enough to take home with me. They were just too beautiful to throw away. I understand you, Our Lady of Orphan Photos. I felt the same…

PostSecret‘s beneficiary is the National Hopeline Network. It is a 24-hour hotline (1 (800) SUICIDE) for anyone who is thinking about suicide or knows someone who is considering it.


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