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Western Barbie

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I couldn’t believe my luck when I found the complete outfit for Western Barbie. While I was looking for boots and outfits for the Charlie’s Angels Dolls, I found Western Barbie naked and perpetually winking at me.

Western Barbie by LauraMoncur from Flickr

Her right eye used to wink when I would push a button on her back. Now, I have to physically open her eye to make her look normal. Within a minute or two, it slowly sinks back down.

Western Barbie by LauraMoncur from Flickr

I found her cowboy hat first. I placed it on her head, but it looked strange to see her naked except for a cowboy hat. When I found her outfit, I laughed out loud and immediately dressed her.

Western Barbie by LauraMoncur from Flickr

I found her boots last. One boot was stashed in a bandaid box (made out of tin, remember those?) and the other was free floating with the clothing. I love how they have her name embossed on them.

Western Barbie by LauraMoncur from Flickr

Western Barbie came out right around the time Barbara Mandrell and Dolly Parton were really popular. If I remember correctly, she didn’t come with a guitar or a microphone. She came with a bunch of photos of her and a tiny Barbie stamper so she could autograph pictures of herself. I remember playing with her and making her wink at all the other Barbies and Kens watching her perform.

That same year, Stacey got Kissing Barbie. She came with lipstick and could kiss Ken or envelopes, leaving lip prints. I wonder if Stacey’s doll still kisses. Poor Western Barbie lives in a perpetual wink.



  1. I love this. My cousin and I did the same thing that summer. I had western Barbie, she got kissing barbie. My other cousin had western Barbie’s horse. I can taste the razzles and blowpops now…

    Comment by Sarah — 3/23/2010 @ 8:51 pm

  2. oh you should see my “western” barbie that i got. she had the same thing with her wierd looking eyes cuz the black wore off of her “eyeliner” & her “eyelashes”. so, what i did was put some scotch tape behind her eyelids and i carefully blackened her eyeliner & eyelashes with a black sharpie. i waited for the marker to dry for a few days cuz i wanted to make sure it wouldn’t smear and i carefully removed the scotch tape off her face. now she looks GREAT!!! she is so beautiful now.

    now i need to get a “kissing” barbie too. and i have a “pink & pretty” barbie & a “magic curl” barbie.

    my cousin actually got these 2 dolls when we were little. she got the “magic curl” barbie first and of course, we tried to work her “magical” gimmick of straightening & recurling her hair. but it never got curly again. it just looked like a big frizzy mess. and then she got her “pink & pretty” barbie. and “magic curl” barbie got tossed to the side.

    i couldn’t bare to see her being neglected. to me she had such a pretty face even if her hair was wild looking. pretty soon, my cousin & i nicknamed her “hippie” barbie cuz of her wild hair. and i guess you could say i adopted her cuz i would play with “hippie” barbie. and even though “pink & pretty” barbie was very pretty with her long hair, she just hit me as a stuck up, snobby girl.

    and then, when mattel came out with the barbie piano and i see “pink & pretty” on the cover sitting at the piano playing it, it really made me see her as a stuck up snob!!! LOL….. poor “pink & pretty” barbie.

    sorry for the long comment. but i LOVE barbies!!! LOL……

    Comment by christina — 8/16/2012 @ 7:46 pm

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