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The Artwork of Syd Brak

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His posters graced my bedroom walls for years. They are the artwork of Syd Brak. Now that I have entire rooms ready for wall hangings, I have brought them out of storage. These two are in the exercise room.

This one is named Lost Love. I loved this poster because of her eye shadow. I recreated that look almost every weekend for my visits to The Ritz. Thank you, Mr. Brak, for making me feel a little cooler than I could have ever felt on my own.

Lost Love Poster by Syd Brak

This poster is named ElectriKiss. I liked it because her hair was pink AND blue. It was impossible for me to dye my hair those colors back then because in 1986, hair dye just wasn’t as good as it is today. I used to wish that I could have cool hair like hers.

ElectriKiss Poster by Syd Brak

I have two more posters, but they are still in storage right now. As soon as I hang them, I’ll add them here. They were Forget Me Not (which is NOWHERE to be found on the web) and Long Distance Kiss.

Long Distance Kiss by Syd Brak

I never bought Wired for Sound, but I considered it for a LONG time. I just didn’t have the wall space in my teenage bedroom to hold more than four posters.

Wired for Sound by Syd Brak

Mike hates these posters and considers them cheap rip-offs of Patrick Nagel’s work.

Art of Patrick Nagel

I can understand the similarity, but I enjoyed Brak’s work much more. I think I liked it better because it was an illustration, but it was so realistic. It was my first exposure to Hyper-Realism and I loved to find little details in the drawings, such as the reflection of the window in the eyes on Lost Love.

You can buy some Syd Brak prints online:

Update 06-03-10: I finally took a photo of my Forget Me Not Poster and Long Distance Kiss. You can see them here:

Syd Brak Forget Me Not

Syd Brak Long Distance Kiss

Update 01-08-13: Here are two more posters that I believe are Syd Brak’s work. They are screen shots from this YouTube video taken at the 6:08 minute mark:

Here is the one on the left. The model has no nose and there is a cherry in her mouth (a very Syd Brak move).

Syd Brak at The Ritz No Nose Cherry

The other one also has no nose and a birthmark.

Syd Brak at The Ritz No Nose Birthmark

I don’t know the name of either of these works and I don’t own either of them, of course. If any of you know anything about these, it would be greatly appreciated if you left a comment telling me about them.


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  1. These are Syd Brak’s Posters. Go onto Syd Brak’s facebook or just pull up Name’s for Syd Brak’s Poster’s from the 1980’s. Hope this helps, They are my favorite from the 80’s and Now..

    Comment by Amy — 3/28/2014 @ 2:15 am

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