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Tuesday Taylor Is Still Awesome

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Although her hair is a matted mess of unbrushable fluff, my Tuesday Taylor doll is still awesome.

Tuesday Taylor Today

This is Suntan Tuesday Taylor, meaning that she could actually get a TAN in the SUN! My friends were amazed at her. Here’s a commercial showing off her suntanning glory.

After seeing this commercial, I decided to let Tuesday go out for a tan, even though it’s so very bad for her health. She borrowed Golden Dream Barbie’s swimming suit.

Tuesday Taylor Is Still Awesome

I even put a jewel sticker on her leg to see if there was a difference after a bit in the sun.

Tuesday Taylor Is Still Awesome

After about thirty minutes in the sun, there is a slight difference in skin tone, but you can only see it if you’re looking closely.

Tuesday Taylor Is Still Awesome

What was more surprising are the tan lines on her shoulders. They were far more obvious.

Tuesday Taylor Is Still Awesome

I was impressed how well that worked. I fully expected no effect. When I saw the tan lines on her shoulders, I felt just as awed and happy as I was when I was a child. This toy is thirty years old and she still works just as well as she did when she was new. It’s nice to know that Tuesday Taylor is still awesome.

For more information about Tuesday Taylor: Crissy and Beth: Tuesday Taylor


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