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Babysitting Barbie

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Sometimes I’m shocked at how intact my toys are. I found this Babysitting Barbie set in the 1977 Sears Christmas Catalog on Flickr.

Babysitting Barbie

I was able to find almost all of the pieces to the set (and a couple of spoons to feed the baby that must have come from some other set).

Babysitting Barbie Today

I’m surprised how good the baby still looks today. After thirty years, you’d think she would show a little wear.

Babysitting Barbie Today

My nieces came over to play at my house a couple of weeks ago. I let them play with my Barbies and they absolutely LOVED the baby Barbie and her accessories. I remember feeling like that. The baby Barbies and even Skipper were dolls that were rare compared to the vast quantities of Barbies available, so they were cool. They were like Barbies, but the wrong size.

Watching my nieces playing with my old Barbies made me so happy. Isn’t funny to know that even though a toy is thirty years old, it can still be fun for kids.


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  1. Oh, gosh – I still have this set! All the pieces are in great shape, but the baby is just a bit scruffy-haired from being well-loved! I’m 48 years young, and I love seeing the ad for this set! Brings back great memories from the ‘good old days’! :)

    Comment by Lisa — 11/2/2014 @ 2:32 pm

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