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I’m sitting in my blue comfy chair. I have Elvis on the left arm, looking out the window, following every movement of birds and debris. I have Maggie to my right, sitting on the footstool and Sid on the floor.


I always imagine an alien group observing us. They can tell where all the life forms are in the house and notice that we all congregate in one room, no matter the size of the house. In fact, we are all congregated in one corner of that one room.

I imagine that they would find this behavior strange. Why would they all hover in one tiny corner of that large dwelling? Are they scared? They aren’t close enough to be getting any warmth from each other. They each seem to be moving of their own free will. Why do they congregate when they could spread out? They must get some benefit from the close proximity, despite their differences in genetic make up. What is it?


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  1. Ahh! :) I know, I’m used to dogs following me, but I have a cat that follows me now and I always think its strange, but very adorable, when I look down and find that he is laying at my feet.

    I’m glad you have so many cute little friends to congregate with you!

    Comment by Braidwood — 4/24/2010 @ 11:22 am

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