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Mattel’s Fright Factory

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I love this advertisement for Mattel’s Fright Factory:

Mattel Fright Factory

It reads:

Now you can be the moster you’ve always wanted to be!

Make all kinds of icky, sticky things to wear… bloodshot eyeballs, scars, mustaches, drooling lips, monster fangs, and more. You make them with Mattel’s new Fright Factory Thingmaker. It comes with a Thingmaker, molds, 4 colors of Plasticgoop… everything you need to make yourself into a new monster every day.

And while you’re out scaring the neighborhood, why not fill it with slinky, creepy, ugly bugs and beetles and lizards and centipedes. The kind you make with Mattel’s famous Creepy Crawlers Thingmaker.

The best part of this ad is that you can cut out one of the eyes and wear it as a mask. I think I would have loved this toy, but I’m pretty sure I would have burned myself with it. I still have Easy Bake Oven scars.

Here is a commercial for the Creepy Crawlers Thingmaker:

Advert via: vintage_ads: Mattel’s Fright Factory

Commercial via: Plaid Stallions : Rambling and Reflections on ’70s pop culture: Creepy Crawlers Thing Maker 2 Commercial


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