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Cool Christmas Music from Target

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I heard this song, Tiny Tree Christmas by Guster, on a commercial and I just loved it. It gets me into the Christmas spirit with its indie charm.

Here’s another good one called Electronic Santa by Blazer Force:

These songs and a bunch of others are available for free at Target’s website. I guess that’s who the commercial was for…


Bubble Lights for Xmas

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Bubble Lights for Xmas

I found these bubble lights at Hobby Lobby the other day. My grandma used to have some on her Xmas tree, so they made me feel closer to her. For only twelve bucks, I was able to bring my grandma back to life, if only for a second. I’m continually amazed at the power physical objects have to connect me with my past.


Hunter Thompson’s Last Typewriter

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I saw this typewriter at the DI yesterday. I really wanted to buy it, but I really don’t need that sort of antiquated technology cluttering up my house right now, so I left it for someone else to buy. I did, however, take some photos of it with my iPhone.

Hunter Thompson's Last Typewriter

It made me want to write a story called Hunter Thompson’s Last Typewriter, but I really can’t write something that depressing right now. It will just have to be the title for the photograph for now and maybe someone else will write that story…


Merry Xmas!

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I hope you have a lovely Christmas this year!

A Very Retro Merry Xmas!

Photo Via: Christmas Image by marycafferty on Photobucket

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