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Old Swatch Adverts from The Eighties

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This advertisement from Swatch from 1987 is pretty impressive.

Rodney Mullen is the skateboard dude at the end of the ad. The music in the background is Jewel by Propaganda.

Here’s one for the Aqua Love Swatches:

Here’s one that features my beloved Sir Swatch right at the end:

Here’s another commercial for the same collection. It’s poor quality, but so was television in The Eighties:

Here is a commercial featuring The Fat Boys for the Limelight Limited Edition Christmas Swatches:

Apparently, The Fat Boys were with Swatch way before my time. Here is a commercial from 1983:

This one features the very popular and elusive X-Rated Swatch:

This commercial from 1989 is beautiful. I don’t think I ever saw it back in the day.

Seeing old ads like these brings such a nostalgia for the Eighties for me. The bright colors, the X-sports, the lipstick-heavy girls and the Swatches all mix in a flux of the past.

I wouldn’t want to go back there, but it feels nice to remember.


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